Beefy Poutine

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Get ready for the ultimate comfort food…Beefy Poutine! With warm crispy fries, extra squeaky cheese curds, and of course the hero of the dish, our Hereford Roast Beef with Gravy – you’ll be singing along with your tastebuds on every bite.



Prep Time

5 minutes


Cook Time

25 minutes


Total Time

30 minutes

beefy poutine recipe


  • 10oz package of Hereford Roast Beef with Gravy
  • 16oz bag of frozen steak fries or tots
  • 6oz cheese curds, room temp
  • 2 green onions, chopped
  • 2 stalks of fresh parsley, chopped


  1. Cook fries according to package directions.
  2. In a small skillet, heat Hereford Roast Beef with Gravy.
  3. On a serving platter or sheet pan, place cheese curds over warm fries and pour warm beef and gravy over the top.
  4. Top with green onions and parsley.



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